Glen Bowman – Retired Washington Cty, MD. Sheriff

Just a little note to express my sincere appreciation to you and your office staff for making what could have been a difficult time for me, less stressful and so rewarding. My first visit and purchase of the Eclipse 2 aids, in March of 2006, made the biggest difference in my hearing abilities. However, my recent change to the Virtue 12 CIC aids. made my hearing even better. I just cannot find anything about them I do not like. You did a superior job in making the molds for my new aids. The fit is perfect. I don’t even realize that they are in my ears. Being able to chat on the telephone without removing the aids puts a smile on my face. All sounds and voice patterns are distinctively clearer. Every feature advertised has worked well. It is a joy to wear them. You can be assured, Kim, that I will always recommend highly K & K Hearing Associates to my friends and anyone that is in need of your services and hearing aids.