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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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Process was professional. Mr. Keller evaluated my hearing loss professionally using audiometry, conductive bone testing, and word recognition; these tests are what I had expected. He was willing to meet outside of office hours if necessary to expedite my receiving my new aids. Explanation of the audiogram was understandable.

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Howard Glassman, on Google

Excellent company where both Kim and Andrew care about patient hearing and explain options carefully.

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Diane Jones, on Google

All I can say is today was the best of my life. I met Kim from K and K hearing to have my hearing checked I knew I was having a problem but they showed me I had a major problem a lot of hearing loss Kim was very professional during his testing he explained everything thoroughly to me and my wife never rushed us . I don’t know how to thank him enough walked out of there that evening with hearing aids and a changed life I want to thank them so much and if you’re in the need for hearing aids don’t hesitate K&k hearing in Frederick Maryland A1 Business thanks again Kim

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Rich Cozzone, on Google

Very quick to get appointment scheduled, corrected my hearing aid issue while I waited.

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James Wright, on Google

Always does a very thorough job in accessing my hearing aids to make sure they are working properly. Assisted me with replacing a small piece and updated the operating program for them that allowed me to stream music and hear phone calls.

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Eileen Mitchell, on Google

I looked for the best and got the best! Kim sat down with my husband and I and he told us the tests he would be doing and explained the results to us. He took his time with us and even helped us set up an app on the phone. I am so glad we chose K&K!

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Kristen Basore, on Google

The hearing test was done in an efficient and professional manner. The technician, Kim Keller, was knowledgeable and personable as he explained the results of the test. K & K Hearing also accommodated a request to move the appointment to a later time than what we originally scheduled. Thank you!

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Jess & Jay Trovato, on Google

I am very pleased wt today's visit with K&K. I got both ears tested, one needed more help so the hearing aid was adjusted accordingly. Also both devices got a software upgrade. AND I got a quantity of wax removed from both ears. All and all a very good visit.

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Andrew Miner, on Google

I just went to get an adjustment on my new hearing aids. During the process a malfunction occurred. Kim handled the situation immediately and took care of it. I am very happy with K&K Hearing Associates.

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H Spradlin, on Google

Kim Keller is superb in his talents to analyze and address hearing impairments. I have been a patient for 8 yrs and have had nothing but positive experiences. My most recent visit involved a VERY thorough assessment with excellent results. I highly recommend K&K.

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GW Rohrer, on Google

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to find such a professional office to assist with my hearing. I’ve been struggling a bit with hearing loss for many years. Three years ago, I had an ENT tell me I should probably look into hearing aids. Knowing this would be a MAJOR investment, I went online to find something to try. What I found functioned more like amplifiers. They made what I could already hear louder and didn’t help with what I was struggling to hear.

I have a busy, full life and my job demands tons of meetings. Recently, I was missing parts of what was going on in the meetings because I couldn’t hear and didn’t want to interrupt to have people repeat what they said.

I found K&K Hearing. The staff is absolutely wonderful! The receptionist provided excellent instructions for coming into the office and Kim explained every detail!

I was able to leave the office fit with a new pair of hearing aids. I’d been going nuts with ringing in my ears. I still have it, but it’s like my brain no longer registers it unless I focus on it! I hear everything now!! My meetings are going much smoother and I’m able to contribute as I should.

I can’t thank them enough!!

Donna Keske

This is a story that must be told!! A couple of days ago, I was playing bridge at my neighbor’s. It was such a lovely day, so she had her doors and windows open. Hanging outside of her screen door were 2 wind chimes. All of a sudden I heard “tinkle-tinkle” – I turned my head and saw where the sound was coming from. I smiled and even laughed, because it had been so long since I had heard wind chimes!! My friends didn’t understand – how could they – THEY HEAR!!! And, now through your caring and patience – SO DO I!!

Fran Shoemaker

I would like to express to you how happy and satisfied I am with your service and product. During my appointment, I feel you took your time with me and genuinely cared about my hearing – or lack thereof. For the little time I’ve had the hearing aids, there is such an improvement! I can hear my refrigerator running, rain on the roof, and the motor in my car start – sometimes I would try to start it twice.

Thank you Mr. Keller for such a wonderful service, and helping me hear again!

Sharon C. Robinson

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the kind of competent service I have received at your hands.

After having seen two different audiologists and having purchased two sets of hearing aids with disappointing outcomes, it was truly gratifying to find someone who knows what he is doing, from recommending equipment to fitting it properly and then tuning it for optimal results.

It is truly satisfying to deal with a knowledgeable professional who uses state of the art equipment and clearly stays on top of his field. Glad to have found you.

Alvin Freund, M.D.

When my husband and I visited your office about two months ago to weigh the possibilities of purchasing hearing aids for me we were totally impressed with the service you and your co-workers provided. Everyone extended utmost courtesy, politeness and indeed skillful diligence. The thorough examination, Jeannie in particular, rendered went beyond what my husband and I anticipated. The high-tech electronics and the sound synthesizing still has us mystified yet we are extremely pleased with the quality products we purchased.

I cannot find enough words to praise the totality of service K&K provided. Since getting the aids I no longer have to pretend that I hear words meant for me. Audibility has certainly been a plus! I hasten to point out, moreover, that background noise interference has been absent.

In summary, thank you for the superb service you and your K&K colleagues provided. The hearing aids have made my life much better!

Patricia A. Cheney

I’m putting in writing to you what I have told you, that I am a satisfied customer. I received my second set of hearing aids from you last month, having used the first set for four years. Both sets of devices have been of excellent quality and the service I received from K&K has been first rate. Both sets were made by Audibel. My hearing improved greatly with both sets. With the second set I can now sit in the back seat of my son’s car on my way to Hershey Park with my wife and grandchild and hear ALL the conversation coming from the front seat from my son and daughter-in-law, and with hearing better now, I can fully participate in the family conversations. I can also distinguish WHERE sounds are coming from. Also I can tell you that both Audibel sets were easy to use from the first day.

In short, I would advise anyone who is developing hearing difficulties that the benefits of using quality products such as these I purchased from you, that these benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience and cost of going without hearing aids. Missing conversations is like missing out on life. It makes all the sense in the world to get and use quality hearing aids.

Andrew M. Miner

I am a senior residing at Pines Apartments in the Homewood Retirement Community. I am very active and thought I was doing fine with the way I was hearing. My family and friends informed me many times that I should have my hearing checked again. I had a family dinner and I realized I didn’t hear half of what was being discussed; it was very upsetting to me. I made an appointment with K&K Hearing Associates only to find that I definitely had a hearing loss much greater than I thought. I had tried this once before and was very skeptical, however I followed through this time and found a whole “NEW WORLD”. I can sit in my apartment and actually hear things going on outside. I have sounds in my life that I didn’t know existed. I am now involved in several groups at the home and now I know what I have been missing all these years. My new hearing aids have changed my life for the better. Thank you to the experts at K & K Hearing Associates. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and experience new sounds!

Mary Brown

Just a little note to express my sincere appreciation to you and your office staff for making what could have been a difficult time for me, less stressful and so rewarding. My first visit and purchase of the Eclipse 2 aids, in March of 2006, made the biggest difference in my hearing abilities. However, my recent change to the Virtue 12 CIC aids. made my hearing even better. I just cannot find anything about them I do not like. You did a superior job in making the molds for my new aids. The fit is perfect. I don’t even realize that they are in my ears. Being able to chat on the telephone without removing the aids puts a smile on my face. All sounds and voice patterns are distinctively clearer. Every feature advertised has worked well. It is a joy to wear them. You can be assured, Kim, that I will always recommend highly K & K Hearing Associates to my friends and anyone that is in need of your services and hearing aids.

Glen Bowman – Retired Washington Cty, MD. Sheriff

Thank you very much for your expertise in allowing me to hear with the new Virtue 12 Hearing aids you fit me with, I now realize how much of life I was missing. I have a small recording studio at home and I was amazed at how much the highs, mid-range and bass sounds became so clear while recording with the Virtue 12 aids. I am so thankful that my wife kept after me to take advantage of your free professional hearing test. I definitely was a stubborn hard headed man but now I am forever grateful to hear. I really needed to learn that technology is ongoing and certainly there is hope for people like me to be able to hear again. The nice thing about the Virtue 12 aids is that people can’t even tell you are wearing them. Thanks to you and your professional staff for making my life alive with sound again.

Paul J. Little