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Kim Keller is a seasoned audiologist at the top of his game. He knows what he is doing and deals with the most advanced hearing aid providers. I highly recommend K&K hearing for anyone needing the services of an audiologist.

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Andrew Miner, on Google

Great advice about the need to get fitted with a new hearing aid ASAP to stop cognitive damage regarding my ability to remember information correctly. William D Keene 3rd.

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William Keene, on Google

Always does a very thorough job in accessing my hearing aids to make sure they are working properly. Assisted me with replacing a small piece and updated the operating program for them that allowed me to stream music and hear phone calls.

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Eileen Mitchell, on Google

Process was professional. Mr. Keller evaluated my hearing loss professionally using audiometry, conductive bone testing, and word recognition; these tests are what I had expected. He was willing to meet outside of office hours if necessary to expedite my receiving my new aids. Explanation of the audiogram was understandable.

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Howard Glassman, on Google

All I can say is today was the best of my life. I met Kim from K and K hearing to have my hearing checked I knew I was having a problem but they showed me I had a major problem a lot of hearing loss Kim was very professional...

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Rich Cozzone, on Google