Falls are some of the scariest and most frequent injuries suffered by older adults. According to the CDC: 

  • One quarter of people over 65 fall each year 
  • Three million older people go to the ER each year for falls 
  • One in five falls causes a serious injury 
  • Falls account for over $50 billion in medical costs each year 

There are many reasons why older adults are more prone to falls — from weakness or medication side effects to vision problems, slower reflexes and more. 

But a study by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that untreated hearing loss can also increase the risk of falling. Using data from several national health surveys, researchers found that people with mild hearing loss were nearly three times more likely to have a history of falling

Good news, though! A Washington University School of Medicine study found that “enhancing hearing appears to improve balance in older adults with hearing loss.” And, more recently, a 2019 clinical investigation concluded that hearing aid usage is associated with lower risk of falls in older adults with hearing loss. 

One obvious way to enhance hearing loss is with hearing aids. And not only can our Arc AI hearing aids help enhance hearing, but if the wearer does happen to fall, they’re also the first and only hearing aids that can detect falls and send an alert to a family member or caregiver. 

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