Donna Keske

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to find such a professional office to assist with my hearing. I’ve been struggling a bit with hearing loss for many years. Three years ago, I had an ENT tell me I should probably look into hearing aids. Knowing this would be a MAJOR investment, I went online to find something to try. What I found functioned more like amplifiers. They made what I could already hear louder and didn’t help with what I was struggling to hear.

I have a busy, full life and my job demands tons of meetings. Recently, I was missing parts of what was going on in the meetings because I couldn’t hear and didn’t want to interrupt to have people repeat what they said.

I found K&K Hearing. The staff is absolutely wonderful! The receptionist provided excellent instructions for coming into the office and Kim explained every detail!

I was able to leave the office fit with a new pair of hearing aids. I’d been going nuts with ringing in my ears. I still have it, but it’s like my brain no longer registers it unless I focus on it! I hear everything now!! My meetings are going much smoother and I’m able to contribute as I should.

I can’t thank them enough!!